Seeking local volunteers to complete house

Mar 23, 2020

Pointing out the work remaining to be done, Dick Aide, Volunteer Supervisor, leads Fredericksburg Habitat board members and staff through House #18. With the suspension of construction help from RV Care-A-Vanners, the nonprofit is seeking local volunteers to help out. Photos by Phil Houseal

Habitat for Humanity of Greater Fredericksburg is seeking local volunteers to help complete House #18.

Due to the effects of COVID-19 guidelines, all support from the scheduled Care-A-Vanner working groups has been suspended until further notice. Care-A-Vanners are volunteers organized through the Habitat International who travel the country helping local chapters with house builds.

Even with the interrupted schedule, the house under construction will continue to be built out using local volunteers and help from the family, according to Chad Faucheux, President of the Board. The group is seeking people with any skill set, especially painters at this time.

“We hope some local volunteers can step up to help us get to the finish line,” Faucheux said. “A family is waiting to move in–they have demonstrated their need for housing and they have been working alongside us.”

Dick Aid shows the finishing touches to Chad Faucheux, President, and Linda Warriner, Executive Secretary.

To stay in line with Center for Disease Control guidelines, organizers are spacing out the work so there will be smaller groups of two to three people working on the property at any given time. They are also practicing prescribed precautions regarding sanitizing and social distancing.

“Since our anticipated building help has been suspended, this is an opportunity for other people to get involved with our local Habitat chapter,” Faucheux said. “We know local volunteers will help complete this house for this family.” Anyone interested in learning more about working with Habitat can contact the organization at, 713-705-0836, or