Good to have your own home

Jose and Rose Sanchez family, House #16

House #16, Jose and Rose Sanchez

June 2020–Even three years after moving into their new Habitat home, it still feels new to Jose and Rose Sanchez. Now when they get off work, they both go home to a house they own. This is a big change–prior to getting on Habitat for Humanity of Greater Fredericksburg’s list, the family rented a two-bedroom, one-bath apartment.

“It is really good to have your own home,” said Jose Sanchez, who moved into House#16 with his wife, Rose, and their three kids. “It’s been three years and it still feels like our new home. Every day we can’t believe we have a home for ourselves and our kids. The kids were so excited to be able to have a back yard to play in. It changed our lives completely.”

Josh has been a machinist at Keger Industries for five years; Rose has worked as a Medical Assistant at Fredericksburg Clinic for 15 years.

Josh is especially grateful for the work done by volunteers, many who don’t even live in the state, in putting their home up.

“It’s a true blessing. The Care-A-Vanners were awesome. We were able to work with them to complete our hours. To be able to be a part of that was an awesome journey. They are amazing people doing an amazing job. They have helped so many families.”

Prospective Habitat homeowners are required to contribute 300 hours of work, so Josh and Rose were on the site on weekends, elbow to elbow with volunteers. So he is eager to dispel the myths about what it takes to get into a home.

“We did a lot of physical work. It’s not free. I hate when people say that. We worked hard for this, and we still work hard for what we have.

Josh emphasizes that anyone can take advantage of this opportunity. He appreciates the people and businesses that make it possible.

“The people that support Habitat are wonderful people. We wish more people were able to donate to Habitat.”

The Sanchez family is one of four Habitat homeowners in their neighborhood.

“This is a good community. Everybody is so blessed and it’s a blessing for Habitat. We appreciate them so much.”