Seeking local volunteers to complete house

Mar 23, 2020

Pointing out the work remaining to be done, Dick Aide, Volunteer Supervisor, leads Fredericksburg Habitat board members and staff through House #18. With the suspension of construction help from RV Care-A-Vanners, the nonprofit is seeking local volunteers to help out. Photos by Phil Houseal

Habitat for Humanity of Greater Fredericksburg is seeking local volunteers to help complete House #18.

Due to the effects of COVID-19 guidelines, all support from the scheduled Care-A-Vanner working groups has been suspended until further notice. Care-A-Vanners are volunteers organized through the Habitat International who travel the country helping local chapters with house builds.

Even with the interrupted schedule, the house under construction will continue to be built out using local volunteers and help from the family, according to Chad Faucheux, President of the Board. The group is seeking people with any skill set, especially painters at this time.

“We hope some local volunteers can step up to help us get to the finish line,” Faucheux said. “A family is waiting to move in–they have demonstrated their need for housing and they have been working alongside us.”

Dick Aid shows the finishing touches to Chad Faucheux, President, and Linda Warriner, Executive Secretary.

To stay in line with Center for Disease Control guidelines, organizers are spacing out the work so there will be smaller groups of two to three people working on the property at any given time. They are also practicing prescribed precautions regarding sanitizing and social distancing.

“Since our anticipated building help has been suspended, this is an opportunity for other people to get involved with our local Habitat chapter,” Faucheux said. “We know local volunteers will help complete this house for this family.” Anyone interested in learning more about working with Habitat can contact the organization at, 713-705-0836, or

Fredericksburg Habitat professionalizing mortgage services

Effective January 1, 2020, Habitat for Humanity of Greater Fredericksburg is now using the services of HabTex Mortgage to handle mortgage services for houses built in Gillespie County.

This move will “professionalize the process” that has in the past been handled locally by volunteers.

“Using HabTex will make the process more consistent over time,” said Dr. Leonard Bentch, the board member who helped set up the arrangement. “It will also take a huge burden of time and energy off of board members, so they can concentrate on building homes for deserving, working families in our community.”

HabTex will also help the local chapter apply for interest-free loans provided through the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD).

For local Habitat homeowners, the process will be seamless and transparent, with the only change being that payments will be sent to a different address.

This is one of several initiatives the local group is putting in place to address the national organization’s rising compliance standards. They have also hired an Executive Secretary, and are looking at outsourcing other services such as accounting and marketing. Selection of qualifying families has always been outsourced as required by Habitat for Humanity policy.

“The professional compliance requirements of Habitat affiliates have become more complex,” Bentch noted. “We are trying to outsource more of that type of specialized work as the requirements become more burdensome.”

The local chapter of Habitat for Humanity was organized in 1995, and has plans to complete its 18th and 19th homes in 2020. Habitat for Humanity is an international organization where homeowners help build their own homes alongside volunteers and pay an affordable mortgage. The office can be contacted at 713-705-0836,, or Mailing address is P.O. Box 2012, Fredericksburg, Texas 78624.

Fredericksburg Habitat names Executive Secretary

Jan 6, 2020–The Board of Habitat for Humanity of Greater Fredericksburg has named Linda Warriner as Executive Secretary for the local non-profit organization.

Linda Warriner,
Executive Secretary

“Linda brings talent and organization,” said Dr. Leonard Bentch, retiring board member. “This will add continuity to the board’s function and take some of the day-to-day operational burden off board members, who are volunteers that are working full time in their own careers. It will also create a higher level of compliance with Habitat for Humanity policy.”

Warriner has a 33-year career in financial transactions, both in sales and operations, in the U.S. and Canada. She moved to Fredericksburg in May of 2019.

“I plan to bring basic organizational skills to the group,” Warriner said. “We will be imaging all of our historical files, and getting administrative tasks done. Habitat is a wonderful organization, providing homes for deserving families, and I am happy to help in any way that I can.”

Warriner will be working 10 hours per week out of a new office space located in the Sultemeier Survey Office, 805 North Llano St. The mailing address is P.O. Box 2012, Fredericksburg, Texas 78624. The phone number is 713-705-0836 and web site is She can be reached via email at

Habitat for Humanity of Greater Fredericksburg was formed in 1995 and is in the process of completing its 18th and 19th homes in 2020. Habitat for Humanity is an international organization where homeowners help build their own homes alongside volunteers and pay an affordable mortgage.

House #17 Dedication

Habitat for Humanity board members pose with the family of the newest Habitat Home #17 at Chaparral Village.

Pictured are front row: Habitat Secretary Leonard Bentch, Habitat homeowner Mariana Montoya, daughter Jimena, homeowner David Montoya, Habitat VP Kelly Musselman, Hailei Thomas, Habitat Treasurer Mike Eilers.

Back row: Habitat board members Michaella Dietrich, President Cindy Maple, Missy Shelton, and Holly Gliddon.

Central Texas Electric Operative Operation Round-Up Grant

Habitat for Humanity of Greater Fredericksburg accepts a CTEC Operation Round-Up Grant at House #17 building site.

Left to right- Mike Eilers (HFH treasurer), Michaella Dietrich (HFH board member), Linda Aide (Care-A-Vanner), Kelly Musselman (HFH VP), CTEC 2018 board president Bernard Selensky, Jessica Contreras (HFH board member), Leonard Bentch (HFH secretary), Dick Aide (Care-A-Vanner team supervisor)

House #16 Dedication

New Homeowners of Habitat House #16, Rose and Jose Sanchez, celebrate the dedication of their new home at 304 W. Park with Habitat board members, Sunday, May 28th.

Back row- left to right Chad Faucheux, Kelly Musselman, Larry Berkman, Jose Jr. Sanchez, Rose Sanchez, Jose Sanchez, Wayne Murphy, Cindy Scroggins, Tommy Newman, Holly Gliddon

Front row- left to right Nate Berkman, Reyli Sanchez, Ruben Sanchez, Leonard Bentch.

Thanks to Susan Helms of ACI!


Habitat board members and volunteers and the Methodist Church helping hands, give a big shout out of thanks to Susan Helm of ACI for the use of their roll off dumpster during a recent workday at Habitat Site #17.

Pictured are:  Jerry Faucheux, Leonard Bentch, Philip Maple, Cindy Maple, Tommy Newman, Jim Reynolds, Russell Rice, Tom Canfield, John Doudna, Paul Hayes, Jim Wilhite, Jim Ryan, Lizzie Bispo, Al Bispo, Charlie Koym, and Zala Koym .  Not pictured but present at the workday, Judy Hoopman Kelly Musselman, Tom Musselman, and Hugh Reeves.

First Mortgage Burning Event

First Mortgage Burning Event

February 4, 2017 marked a special occasion and a surprise event for Habitat of Humanity of Greater Fredericksburg.  Held at St. Barnabas Episcopal Church, a mortgage burning was celebrated for Habitat House #1 homeowners Raul and Mary Rodriguez of 109 Shaw Street.

Originally built in 1996, by local Habitat volunteers and members of St. Barnabas church, the home note was paid off by the Rodriguez’s after twenty years.  Attending the ceremony was Rev. Stephen Kinney, former pastor of St. Barnabas, and one of the original founders of the local Habitat affiliate, established in 1995.  Current and past board members, other Habitat homeowners, and Habitat volunteer builders, the Care-A-Vanners, were also in attendance.

Establishment of Scholarship Fund Highlights Habitat Event

Establishment of Scholarship Fund Highlights Habitat Event

At the mortgage burning event, June Phillips, a former board member, was honored for her dedication and work with Habitat over the past twenty years.  She was surprised by two dozen of her family members who came to help announce the establishment of the June Phillips Scholarship Fund.  The fund has been set up in honor of June’s commitment and service to the organization.  Children of Habitat homeowners will be eligible for the scholarship.

Larry Berkman, president of Habitat, made the announcement as June’s family filled the room to congratulate her.  Dick Aide, leader of the Care-A-Vanner group, then presented June and Habitat with $2,800 that was donated by the volunteer builders to the scholarship fund.  June’s daughter, Dawn Houseal, then made a heartfelt speech, expressing the love and devotion June has shown for the organization, and its homeowners, over the years.

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Centennial Bank Donation

Centennial Bank donation
Centennial Bank donation

Centennial Bank presents Habitat for Humanity board, and volunteer builder Care-A-Vanners, with a check for $5000 toward House #16 at 304 W. Park St. Pictured are:

Front row:  Dick Aide (Care-A-Vanner leader), Marcus Vidrine (Bank), Kelly Musselman (Habitat VP), Rose Sanchez (Homeowner #16) , Ben Vanderlugt, Brenda Guild, Cindy Scroggins (Bank VP), Cindy Robertson (Bank), Suzie Harvey

Back row: John Huygen, Richard Harvey, Rodger Sandlin, Wayne Murphy, Susan Sandlin, Darrell DeVault, Ellen DeVault, Don Ingalls, Jay Guild, Idamae Downs, Leonard Bentch, Betty Huygen, Paul Holmes

Care-A-Vanners Here for Habitat Home Build #16

Care-A-Vanners Here for Habitat Home Build #16

It’s not quite spring, but for the Care-A-Vanners, there’s no better time to build a house.  Once again, this group of RV Winter Texans has made their annual trek to the Hill Country to lend a volunteer helping hand to Habitat for Humanity of Greater Fredericksburg. 

This year they are hard at work on Habitat House #16, located at 304 W. Park Street, located right next door to House #15 which they completed last year. Though most of the Care-A-Vanners are from much colder areas of the country, including Ontario Canada, Wisconsin, Minnesota, and South Dakota, the recent chilly weather here has not deterred them from their mission- helping those in need with the construction of decent, affordable housing. Read more

Warmth from up north RV Care-a-Vanners, ‘Snow-birds’ partner with locals to build Habitat homes

Warmth from up north RV Care-a-Vanners, ‘Snow-birds’ partner with locals to build Habitat homes

People who think retirees check out and live a leisurely life of luxury don’t know the Care-a-Vanners.

Dick and Linda Aide quickly tired of “touristy stuff” after they left the working world in 1997. The Wisconsin-based snowbirds felt the need to do something besides tool around in their RV and visit sites that catered to visitors in Texas and Arizona.

They visited Texas, visiting the LBJ State Park and Fredericksburg museums. They liked the town, but wanted to do something constructive. They began to research the Habitat for Humanity program.

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Habitat for Humanity Celebrates 20 Years of Building Dreams

January 22, 2015–This year, Habitat for Humanity of Greater Fredericksburg celebrates its 20th anniversary of providing decent, affordable, safe housing to those in need in our community.

“We are proud to have built homes for 15 local families in the past two decades,” said Habitat Vice President Kelly Musselman. “We have a lot of things to celebrate this year, including the completion of House #15 next month and the move in of our newest homeowners, the Perez family, this spring.”

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Oak Hills Church Lends a Hand to Habitat


Labor Day weekend found the Oak Hills Church congregation laboring in the heat instead of lounging by the pool. That Sunday church members lent a hand to Habitat for Humanity of Greater Fredericksburg in clearing the lot behind Habitat’s newest build located at 306 W. Park St.

Over 30 people cut down brush, pulled out undergrowth, and chopped weeds at the location. Working alongside church members, new Habitat homeowners Josh and Roxanne Perez and their children literally provided their “sweat equity” as well, 300 hours of which is required by the organization before moving in.

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Holy Ghost Helps Habitat

Holy Ghost Helps Habitat

June 22, 2014–Summer found the Holy Ghost Lutheran Church Service Team brushing up on their painting skills at Habitat for Humanity’s House #15. A congregational project that included thirty youth and adults, as well as Habitat volunteers and the home’s new owners, got the majority of the structure painted in three hours that Sunday afternoon. Other church volunteers prepared lunch and made refreshments, cut down vegetation to allow for easier access for the painters, and also prayed for a few hours, in this case, for no rain.

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