Frequently Asked Questions

Who is eligible for help with housing from Habitat for Humanity?
Families must live in Gillespie County, own and occupy their home, be current with any
mortgages, property tax and insurance and earn no more than $56,130 annually. The home must be
older than 10 years and not originally built by Habitat for Humanity. Home ownership includes land and
the house. The home can be constructed on the home site, a manufactured home or a mobile home.

Does Habitat for Humanity build new houses?
Habitat for Humanity is building new homes in some Texas cities and counties. Habitat policy is
that total housing costs can be no greater than 30% of unencumbered monthly income. Unfortunately,
in Gillespie County, construction and ownership costs for a new home exceed this limit. As a result,
Habitat eligible families are not able to qualify for a mortgage. Therefore, we are not currently building
new homes in Gillespie County.

What is Habitat for Humanity doing in Gillespie County?
We have adopted the Habitat for Humanity Home Repair and Preservation program. This
program is available to any family that meets the eligibility criteria listed above.

What kind of repairs are done?
We provide life safety, security and weatherization home repairs for eligible families.

What are some examples of the home repair work?
Repair or install new windows, doors, insulation, stairs, ramps, hand rails. Repair or install
simple interior electric fans, lights, switches. Repair house siding and soffits to exterior walls damaged
by weather. Provide security fencing. Repair or install new roofing. Repair exterior water and electric

Who does the repair work?
Contractors hired by Habitat for Humanity perform most of the repair work.

What does the repair cost the home owner?
The homeowner may be responsible for some of the cost.

How do I get Habitat for Humanity to help me with needed home repairs?
Complete and send to us a one-page application. You must attest that you own your home and
earn no more than $56,130 per year. We will contact you to schedule a home visit to inspect the
needed repairs. Unfortunately, we can not perform repairs for all applicants.

What happens when Habitat for Humanity decides to do the work?
Our project manager will determine the scope and estimated cost of the needed repair. He will
request a bid from one or more contractors. If the homeowner agrees to the work suggested, he/she
will sign a contract between the homeowner, the contractor, and Habitat for Humanity.

What does the contract say?
The contract is an agreement between the homeowner and the contractor to allow the
contractor access to the home and specifies the exact work to be done, the total cost and any
repayment requirements. Also signed by Habitat for Humanity, the contract stipulates that Habitat for
Humanity will pay the contractor directly for the work done. If any changes to the work are required,
Habitat for Humanity will amend the contract to include the changes and covered costs.

Are the repairs guaranteed?
Guarantees are specified in the contract.

Does Habitat for Humanity provide critical repairs in addition to the repairs specified above?
Currently, our Home Repair and Preservation program is limited to the repairs specified
previously. However, we will consider any repair request and will perform repairs that can be
accomplished within our program objectives and resources.

Does Habitat in Fredericksburg accept donations of materials and building supplies?
Unfortunately, we do not have the capacity to receive, store, and inventory donated materials
and building supplies. The Habitat affiliate in Kerrville has a Habitat ReStore that does accept these